Creative strategy

Posting content without a strategy is like playing battleships.

Yet the aim is to get the right content, to the right people, at the right time, for the right reasons.

We support organisations of all scales with their ongoing content ideation, planning and production and work directly with small business owner/operators as well as large internal marketing teams.

By being on your journey with you we are better able to understand your audience needs and opportunities. This forensic knowledge of your brand is then carried into the production phase when we hand over to our team of designers, filmmakers and motion graphic artists, adding value and consistency to your output.

How does it work?

Ultimately, we are ideas people, and how you engage with us as your creative partner depends on how you want it to work.  

For some it’s a monthly call to keep momentum flowing with organisational output, with an agreed number of social or web deliverables produced regularly by us. For others it’s a more wholesale approach, with us acting as an external team and offering proactive and reactive account management and regular strategy days.  

Usually, it looks something like this: 

  • DISCOVER – an initial deep dive into your organisation and what you stand for. We want to know who your audience is, what they want from you and what you want from them. You tell us your goals. 
  • DEFINE – We shape a plan in line with your objectives, needs and budget. Having digested everything from the DISCOVER phase, we pitch ideas and proof-of-concepts for campaigns, specific deliverables or both. 
  • DESIGN – While you focus on your day-to-day job, our teams get to work bringing the agreed output to life. Whether it’s design, video production, animation or anything else, it’s all expertly led by your strategy director. 
  • DELIVER – Your content is shared for approval via our online platforms. We regroup regularly to assess performance and feedback, identify new trends and update on other ongoing work. Content performance review informs future work. 
Working with Cande is truly part...

Working with Cande is truly part of Meat Business Women’s DNA. From the get go Cande has strategically supported and challenged us to grow our business across the globe. They truly understand our business objectives and audience and combine it to generate powerful storytelling for all of our channels. We work with Cande on a monthly basis which is actually a meeting I look forward to and is truly energising!

…an absolute dream to work with!

Cande Group are an absolute dream to work with! They are constantly going above and beyond to meet our requests and their work is never done without a smile. The content they have produced for our event is phenomenal, they have exceeded our expectations by a country mile and to an extremely high standard.

…going above and beyond to help...

The Cande team are genuinely experts in their fields. Their knowledge and vision are invaluable to our business and it's always such a pleasure to work with them, whether that's at events, or in producing creative content and strategy. We find the in-person strategy days particularly beneficial to help us scope out new ideas, campaigns and creatives. The team grasp our vision as an organisation and our KPI's, going above and beyond to help us reach them.

We strongly recommend working with them!

Cande Group has been very reactive and creative to answer our needs, and we were very satisfied with the result. Communication and turnaround were quick and efficient, even if we 100% worked remotely. We strongly recommend working with them!

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