The power of video marketing in 2023

In this article we’re going to look into the power of video marketing and how adding a little motion picture can bring your business to life. So, let’s crack on.

This time of year is always a strange one. Naturally, January has felt like it’s lasted forever, with the only reminder that Christmas even existed is a stray Quality Street you find in your ‘big coat’ pocket. 

Now we’re quite literally sliding into February, hitting 2023 head on.

At least, that’s how it feels at Cande. We’ve already started working with clients to understand their objectives and opportunities for the year ahead, and have researched some trends and stats showing why video marketing should be part of every brand’s arsenal.

We’ve pulled out some of the best ones to show you just how powerful inspiring video can be. 

You’re still thinking about that Quality Street aren’t you?

Six benefits to making quality content with Cande

1. Customers retain 95% of the information contained in videos

Tell them in video, and they remember it. Simple! It’s not really surprising the visual power plays its’ part. In modern society, we’re exposed to a lot more information – whether that’s through advertising on the TV or scrolling through social media (even when you’re not meant to!). 

This is backed up by our first quarter client requirements, with a number of regular monthly bundles of high-impact informative video scheduled for 2023, vs last year.

2. 80% of people prefer videos over written text

This tells us that if you have something to say about your service or product, people are more likely to engage with video content over text.

Today we can use socials and short video as a vehicle to promote our businesses, events, people, office pets, anything! In some instances, our clients are seeking a hybrid of video AND additional text detail. We have produced a number of interactive and responsive online documents that host video embedded into an e-magazine. But video is clearly leading the way as a communication vehicle.

This also means that in retrospect this blog should’ve been a video…

3. People prefer watching a video before making an online purchase

Interestingly, it’s noted that 50% of internet users will view videos before making a purchase. This means that half of the people who view your video are more likely to make a purchase. That’s why it’s important to provide them with a reason to be convinced that your product or service will make a positive difference to them.

4. Having a video on your landing page increases conversions by at least 80%

By making a video the first thing people see when they visit your website, you get to influence that key first impression.

This makes your product more instantly “gettable” which will increase interest.

5. YouTube is still the home of video in 2023

With more than 2.5 Billion active users, it’s understandable that YouTube has taken over from Facebook as the #1 platform for driving consumer behaviour. Over time, early indications are that it could one day be succeeded by Tiktok, but as it stands, YouTube is huge in terms of pushing video content. 

Almost 5 billion hours of videos are watched by YouTubers every day, which is a whole lot of video content. Let’s be honest, we’ve all been stuck reading instructions or wanting to find out how to do something and ended up skipping through a YouTube tutorial. 

It’s hardly surprising that the upcoming generations are using it to capture most of their information too, with 81% of parents having used YouTube to keep their little darlings entertained, inadvertently signposting YouTube as the place to go for content.

6. Don’t be tempted to ignore the power of Facebook

Facebook has 2.38 billion active users who view approximately 4 billion hours of video on a daily basis. This again is a huge vehicle to utilise in terms of pushing your video content and showing the world what you’re about. 

This is not to mention TikTok. Their app currently has nearly 31 million active daily users, which again is a whole lot of video content and is sure to flourish over the next few years as it develops for its audience in the same way as YouTube and Facebook did for theirs. 

So there we have it – six reasons to utilise video in 2023. And of course the team at Cande is here to help you generate some exciting ideas to stop your audience scrolling, so do reach out if you’d like to bounce some ideas around.

In this article we’ve just picked out a few helpful stats from but take a look at the full list of 42 video marketing statistics for 2023 and see for yourself why everyone is talking about the impact of video for the year ahead.

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The power of video marketing in 2023

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